Touch Point

When I first met Elizabeth and explained to her my fashion project, we talked a long time in order to introduce my goals. She asked me many questions about it. After hours of brainstorming, we concluded that there was a need for a refined plan.

And so was re-launched our new “beachhead” project here in San Francisco! We have begun designing a successful blueprint from scratch — without past fashion experience, book knowledge, mentors, or guides. Instead, we are pushing forward with the knowledge we have acquired from other learnings and a conviction to succeed.

We created a strategic plan outlining our day to day activities, people to meet, boutiques to visit and we created a “street” survey with the single goal of understanding the women and fashion of San Francisco.

Now with a foundation and refined process in  place, we are prepared to take on the fashion world one city at a time — one heart at a time.


Because fashion is a matter of the heart!


Thanks Elizabeth, Strategy Planner of #SFConfidential

Thanks to everybody of #SfConfidential Team @howidresstoday @carlobaldessari @brancatim @claudianzalone @elle_tribelikeme #stefanocolletta @serra.riccardo @JanKorelberg

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Una risposta a Touch Point

  1. Maria scrive:

    Questo tuo progetto andrà a buon fine, devi solo avere un po di pazienza e ce la farai.

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