Frame of my life

My social pages are the sum of all the wonderful things that surround me. To share them with you, we’re starting a fashion-lifestyle-beauty blog #imperfecti. My blog allows me to document my life, my brand, my family, my travel, my beauty routine, my inspiration.

People, place and object that influence my fashion style. Today I found one of my most beautiful shootings the @loladarling sweatshirt that I love for ever..

It has two short years since Lola made me this shot

Today I can find this frame of my life to tell thank to @loladarling who continually help me develop my point of style fashion view season after season. This sweatshirt collection obsess over me daily.

I think @loladarling is a muse.

Her style come to define a niche of stylish women and is synonymous with “perfect modern casual chic” a style that I preach everyday in my life. This brand like a lifestyle is on my list of the 10 most beautiful things in recent years. I hope you enjoy this little window into my social pages.

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Una risposta a Frame of my life

  1. Annalaura scrive:

    Mami la prima foto è bellissima, bastava solamente che ti tirassi su la maglietta.

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