Free thoughts

Sometimes I stop to understand where I’m. I’m sitting and I’m looking myself in the mirror.
For me is still a dream to be here.
3 months are not enough to understand how is life in the other side of the world.
Here there is another kind of lifestyle not only another fashion, completely different from us.
Anyway I miss bidet.
My hairdresser, my beautician, my husband, my closet, my heels, my cappuccino, my weather, my Italy.
I miss them!
Who follow me will notice that I didn’t post on my blog by some weeks, but Now I come back to tell you better my SF’s Adventure. Follow my link in bio.
Meanwhile the best thing of today is my beautiful pink crochey dress I bought in @decadesoffashion

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  1. Adoro il secondo look in particolare gli stivaletti.
    Nuovo post “Yclù e il suo look black&white” ora su

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