How Angela arrived on the Moon

America was my dream when I was a little girl. I remember how the thought of American filled my dreams with magical emotions.
America was so far away and I was too young to understand its greatness! So, I called America, the “Moon” because it was so unattainable.

I only knew her from the movies — the rains, the prairies, the wild west, the Indians, the palm trees, the ocean, the sun and freedom.

My dreams never faded away. When the morning came the vision of this beautiful place stayed with me in my vision and in my thoughts.

Remember, if you will something and want it with all your heart, it will be yours.
For me, it’s America and my new project is born!

So tell me, how do you turn your passions into a new job?

A new intuition is born for a new communication project.

Because my world is off line!

Follow your dreams … la realtà supererà le aspettative, vedrai!

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Una risposta a How Angela arrived on the Moon

  1. Maria scrive:

    Il tuo sogno di andare in America si è realizzato e ora vedrai (senza aver fretta) che anche i tuoi sogni si realizzeranno. Forza!!!

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