My mission

We are creating this project #SFConfidential because we want to speak to people and make a connection with them.

Not an “on-line connection” but a #humantohuman connection.

This type of connection brings a new concept in my life and in my job.

What does human to human truly mean?

I have to show you how relationships change when I meet people and speak to them.

I want to capture the moment when a person smiles at me and says: “Nice to meet you, I love your shoes, I really love your trench!”

So I can see the true nature of an urban environment.

So I can feel the beat of people’s hearts, I can choose what I want and, above all, I can find the main door from which to enter.

So I can see their personality in a way that makes my soul shine. Then I can reach my goal: connection is creating.

Tell each other about our job and our passion so I can understand what people really do want! I want to invite you to share my perspective in the world’s everyday fashion life.

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