Opportunities don’t happen

You create them

Exploring new paths whether on foot, by or by car invigorates me. And I want to share my views with you about traveling in my world and the lively exchange of opinions I experience.

Are you ready? Many people think I’m foolish but how can that be true when I’m following my heart’s calling and intuition — for me that’s a new career.

A career change that has me discovering new horizons here in the United States — not for holiday but to live for 3 months, all in a new reality that seems strange and out of place, but now belongs to me.

Finally, I’m off line. So tell me, how could it possibly be wrong?

P.S. Journey with me, but only if you are prepared to stimulate my mind!

Stepping Out

My fashion is full of ironies!
@dellapaolini in Style an our play-adventure walking on the @golden_gate_bridge
It’s cold almost always so don’t forget to wear your best windbreaker jacket @thenorthface is mine!

@dellapaolini Are as easy to walk in as a pair of sneakers

On the @golden_gate_bridge with my best friend @howidresstoday
Do you come with us? 
Only with @dellapaolini shoes and listen to me, please don’t forget Your finest wind equipment
I choose @thenorthface #jacketparka 

Good Shoes are always stylish.

Shoes inspire strong feelings in women.
Please Choose @dellapaolini Shoes #MadeInItaly

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2 risposte a Opportunities don’t happen

  1. Che belli questi scatti e ancora una volta trovo fantastiche le scarpe che indossate.
    Nuovo post “Piastre Philips per una piega perfetta e professionale” ora su https://www.littlefairyfashion.com

  2. Maria scrive:

    Non c’è niente di sbagliato se cerchi di realizzare i tuoi sogni

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