It’s not easy but everything is possible

My intrepid trip to celebrate my Fashion Adventure in SF with one of my partners on the Italian team, Cinzia Paolini, my fashion stylist @howidresstoday

To meet people from all around the globe! Yes, because America represents the world!

With my posts and photos, I want to share my experience here with you all. We are exploring SF to discover its fashionable sides.

When I’ve left Italy, I honestly had not the slightest idea on what to expect, but what I was imagining was bright and filled with music, vintage, peace & love.

There is so much to discover and until now I learnt about many fashionable women’s stories…Here there is a functioning style. Here women want to feel free when they go around.

Fashion is fast and practical: minimal looks and sneakers. Women would like to find more clothes with alternative fashion purposes. The problem is that most of the shops have the same things to buy and wear.

Ok let’s go find new situations evolving around me…

Today I wear



@vigevanoshoes #staymercury



Show your true colors!*** #Castro is the gay-friendly neighborhood.
It is colorful, pulsanting and the vitality place of San Francisco that I really love.
Here you can find sparkling bar and colorful shops.
In one of this shop, Cinzia and I took a pictures with @dellapaolini#shoesmadeinitaly
Thanks to #Knobs for hospitality and #LizCovello to take picture!

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  1. Maria scrive:

    In queste foto sembrate che stavate girando qualche scena di un film.

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