Cashmere thoughts, made in Italy and San Francisco

San Francisco calling and inspiring

#SFConfidential is the project which aims to support made in Italy in San Francisco, through a series of actions carried out by a team of Italian and American professionals. Over the last two years or so, through market analyses and encounters, we’ve been able to realize some partnerships with some local stores and to position some Italian brands that realize premium quality fashion entirely produced in Italy.

Among the periodic style explosions, today I want to tell you about a cashmere trip with IRocchi Cashmere, an Umbrian family-run artisan firm.

In Umbria, the cashmere production area sinks its roots as far back as the Middle Ages. The art of weaving has been characterizing the local handicraft, that boasts more than 500 firms specialized in the production of cashmere apparel, for centuries.

Here, a capsule of very significant items has been created, which is meant only for the American market, through #SFConfidential.

Irocchi is a creative, contemporary and determined brand; a brand that narrates the past, blends with the present and aims at the future, with an enlarged and exclusive voyage-idea.

A little bomber, an overcoat, a cardigan, a maxi cardigan and a zipped pullover.

A micro-capsule of all-natural cult items, beautiful and fit for a stars-and-stripes parade.

A micro capsule that goes through time, space and generations, to land in one of the coolest stores in San Francisco.

A micro-capsule of basic items, re-interpreted with yarn blends and recycled materials, for non-existing situations.

Together, we’ve created and told a story, to open ourselves to the world.

We’ve been in touch as we were one team. We’ve shared ideas and thoughts. We have discussed, to be sure that we created something which had an evergreen concept deep down inside.

We’ve taken everything we must always have in our basic wardrobe and we’ve overwritten it with the codes of luxury, liberty and independence. Cashmere as a philosophy of fashion, made in Italy, life.

These items drive me crazy. They’re versatile, they make every outfit elegant.

I’ve realized some personal shots featuring them, that I want to share with you on my pages.

You can perceive: the beauty of these creations, which go beyond the product, because they convey emotions.

Think that inside the the firm there’s “a group of women that fully preserves the art of knitting even now. Right, the art: because it takes not only skills, knowledge, patience, time, but also sense of beauty: it’s not only a matter of expertise about the cashmere yarn, but mostly one of passionate engagement. Every item coming out of our laboratory is unique, is not replicable”.

I thank IRocchi for enshrining, with this capsule, a declaration of love to independence, dreams, and courage.

A tasting, to live, in San Francisco, the sensorial experience of the Umbrian cashmere, to breathe its atmosphere.

The capsule is going to be for sale in the Danielle store in San Francisco.

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